Advertising & Marketing

Social Media Campaign Plan for Telethon

A Social Media Marketing campaign plan that my colleague and I made for Telethon. My primary role was a lot of preparatory research such as a digital SWOT analysis, about competitors and the target audience, and the production part. We both contributed with ideas and solutions throughout the project. With the campaign, we strived to create a buzz around Telethon as a brand while promoting the concept of how great of a difference even the smallest acts can make.

International Advertising Campaign for Tourism WA

My colleagues and I needed to develop and communicate an international advertising campaign for the global brand Tourism WA. Our campaign’s goal was to promote WA as the must-visit holiday destination when recreational travel resumes. We named our campaign “Picture Perfect Places”, and our big idea was to allow the audience to picture themselves in different WA locations through an AR experience.


Campaign Plan for ANZ

This campaign was a part of the IAA ‘Big Idea’ competition, where student teams from universities across Australia can compete to win. My team role was mainly the creative part, and our big idea, “Franz with Benefits”, was to personify the ANZ Financial Wellbeing Program into a friend that will assist you in your financial decisions. Our incredible team won the whole competition out of a hundred entrants, and we now get to call ourselves “National Champions”. *Visit my LinkedIn for certificate.

Campaign Plan for John Lewis

I needed to construct a media plan that answers the Client Brief, “John Lewis wants to explore a plan for global growth by entering Australia’s markets”, within the allocated budget. What needed to be included in the media plan presentation was: Media Objectives & Media Strategy, Target Audience, Media Selection & Criteria, Activity Chart & Rationale, Estimated Reach & Frequency (where possible), Budget Allocation, and Recommendations for future media activity.